National Identity Cards

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Based on the operating system of embedded Smart Cards we can create a secure ID System from PVC, polycarbonate and combined with other features, focusing on biometric for security and fraud protection.

Biometric ID Cards are a form of identification that recognizes and analyzes an individual based on their physical and behavioral traits. This includes fingerprints, eye retina and iris scanning, voice recognition, facial patterns, and body movement, including gait. Biometric Cards also employ “smart cards” that include several security features, such as an optical strip or barcode, an embedded chip, a holographic security image.

Biometric data can be used to securely identify an individual, so making that data part of an organization's ID card system makes sense for very secure governmental use and businesses. The uses of biometric ID cards depends on your cards, software, and data.

Biometric ID cards can be applied to different solutions relying on the purpose and the use behind the issuance.  For those governments, universities, schools and large companies that require greater security, avoid fraud, illegal duplication and theft.

Visual Security Cards:

  • Holopatch Cards
  • Holomark Crads
  • Hologram Cards
  • Hologram Overlays & Stickers

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