About Us

Since 2004 Dazzcom provides services for the telecom business by using digital technology to enhance and secure wireless communication.

Dazzcom operates a platform of a global network for mobile top-up recharge solutions, and innovative mobility for better communication and people connectivity

Dazzcom provides smart international digital security such as SIM cards for operators, EMV cards for financial institutions and banking solutions.

Dazzcom digital solutions in health technology manage Pandemic airport solutions and world health access as full monitoring solutions for the passengers from departure health status, quarantine and vaccine.

Why choose us ?


Complete GSM solution, connecting customers to exchange international top up bundles all over the world, connecting Operators with their users through Smart SIM innovations.

  • International Airtime Credit

    With Dazzcom platform we can put the Operator denominations and market them on any other Operator price-list. Our worldwide infiltration is much wider than any roaming capability. We can reach GSM users anywhere and connect them with their beloved and businesses.

  • Dazzcom Smart SIM

    If you choose to keep the only link between the user and the Operator, Dazzcom has the digital smart SIM solution for any Operator. If you gave the user the liberty and full worldwide mobility Dazzcom has the embedded SIM for any Operator.

  • Team creation and support

    Dazzcom strategy is to create a team with its clients and partners in order to provide the ultimate support and reap the benefits. Teams have always been, and will always be, an essential ingredient for building a successful business. With Dazzcom planning and ongoing combined effort we can keep our clients and partners produce superior results and build a sense of solidarity with both organization.